Dragon Age: Rise of the Runelords

Day 197: Those that lie below the gaze of our human allies (Iyano)

Once again we trudge through Sandpoint and descend into areas that are just under the noses of the local humans. I have often wondered why these lazy humans continuously build their cities and fortification atop cities and fortifications that fell before them? Is their level of hubris such that they think the same fates will not befall them, I mean if your house gets swallowed up by the sea, why build another house in the exact same spot and then complain about how it has been swallowed up by the sea!!

However, I digress, as we trudged through the caverns below the glassworks, yet again, we encountered a mist that was thicker than Bral’s head and almost impossible to see through. Turns out that below the town an ancient temple to Lamashtu stood, with its insane guardian/librarian whispering in our ears and blinking around from room to room. Again, I mean really?!!? Lamashtu the goddess of all that is evil and extraplanar in the form of demons, gorgons, and things that go bump in the night…who sits there and says, this looks like a fine place to put our town hall, what could possibly happen?!!? It wasn’t like we had to scrye the area and do some very complex magical wards or hacks to break into the catacombs, nope, just move some planks out of the way and there it is!!! Had not a single human ever thought to check what was down there??? Or perhaps did a scouting party ever go down and not come back up, because at that point again, time to go!!!

However, once again, as we explored deeper into the catacombs and finally dispelled away the mist, we were greeted by some Lamashtu conjured demon that thankfully Samdar’s hammer was able to smack back into the void. Which reminds me, thank goodness that Samdar can pack a punch against the blight and bane of the world because when it comes to mental pliability, he is a few rungs short on his dwarven ladder, as short as that may be! While I cannot question his ability to smite the wicked nor his faith in his badger scouts, when it comes to tactics his solution is a simple kick it first and ask questions once it stops moving. However, I do not pity him, he is quite charming in his simpleton way, like Lyfa back home that had been kicked by a pony as a child and never was quite the same again.

However, as I was saying, once the demon was dispatched we came upon the scribbler and his writings/rantings which were ascribed all over the walls/floor/doors/rubble/detritus etc…While he proved to be an annoyance rather than a threat, like Garret’s uncanny ability to hit a party member with a bolt instead of an enemy, eventually he was put down and our party was able to regain its faculties to search the remainder of the catacombs and find some semblance of meaning in the gibberish that was the scribblers writing. Well I hope that it is reason, at least this is what Beldal has translated and found significance in, which I am quite shocked is not related to Gorgons, I mean it feels like this entire season every time we fight some powerful enemy the ties to the Gorgon denizens is always there. Why not here, why not now? Was this not an outpost of Lamashtu, have these gorgons not been servants of her this entire time, why no reference to them as we begin to head to this mythical Runeforge? Not that I doubt Beldal’s translations, however, he has always been the first to point out their markings, architecture, ways, why not now?!?? It almost seems oddly absent….

However, as we now seek this lost Runeforge atop a mountain, or in the sea, or on the back of some dragon, all I know is wherever our journey will lead us, I am betting it is under a human city…so if it is atop the icy mountain, fine, where is the closest human town and below it we will find the cause of all the blight upon the land!


richarddonaldson SinisterIII

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