Dragon Age: Rise of the Runelords

End credits (Bral)

In Memory of

Iyan Tufts

375 monsters were killing in the making of this campaign

Failed the most knowledge checks = Beldal Othen
Failed the most will saves = Zaialenda
Failed the most fort saves = Bral “Bottombear” Blackfist
Failed to understand why the prisoner was dead the most = Samdar Anvilson
Used acrobatics the most = Iyna Tufts
Accidentally injured the most teammates = Garrett
Intentionally injured the most teammates = Zaialenda
Eared the most badges = Samdar Anvilson
Cast the most grease = Iyna Tufts
Cast the most bolts to face = Garrett
Drank the most = Beldal Othen
Kicked the most doors = Samdar Anvilson

Killed during this campaign
Goblinoids 59
Animals 44
Sinspawn 10
Undead 55
Humans 44
Golems 5
Faceless stalkers 6
Lamia 5
Ogre & Ogre Kin 73
Huge Fucking Spider 1
Hags 3
Giants 52
Dragon 1
WTF daemon snake things 2 (alright we only killed one but still)
Redcaps 3
Wyverns 3
Harpies 3
Daemons 9
Rune lord 1


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