Dragon Age: Rise of the Runelords

Halls of Enchantment (Beldal)


This accursed place! Full of demons and darkspawn! After finally freeing ourselves from the corruption of the demoness and her twice accursed spawn, we find ourselves in a hall full of crazed mages and foul illusions! The very images in the mirrors manifest and attack us! We did not know for sure how to tell friend from foe! Eventually, Garret destroyed the mirrors and we sent those illusions back to the hellish place they spawned from! Glass! The false creatures were made of glass! They had all of our strength, but none of our faith! We destroyed them and sent them on their way!

Next, there was a large hall filled with crazed mages who looked exactly the same. Some sort of copies of an insane mage, worshipers of some fallen deity. The great hall was filled with the golden throne of the Peacock Spirit. The mages fell upon us with their finger waggles and dark magic. The cowardly fools refused to face us head on and threw fire sorcery at us from their hidden enclave.

Brave Samdar was the only one to stand by me and challenge their dark might! We stood defiantly in the face of their fell sorcery! Smoke rising from our burnt and singed gear, we stood before them, defiantly and challenged them! Calling to my less valorous companions to come forward and join us, we charged into their midst. Through the power of the Brewmaster, my holy sight pierced their enchantments and we found them where they hid. Calling on the might of the Brewmaster, I purged their magics and brought them to heel. We soon brought the mages to heel.

Through the favor of the Brewmaster, I robbed the mage of his arcane words, and with a pronounced “Shhhhhhh!!!” struck him senseless with my holy mug. The others, poor souls, lacked the divine favor of the Brewmaster, and did not fare as well. Poor Garrett was ensorceled into trying to save one of the mages. That one is a beast with his crossbow, but lacks the will to best evil magic. The arcane beast of Iyan’s fell to its power and attacked our companions. As the others struggled with the remaining mages, I brought the favor of the Brewmaster to bear and we defeated them!

Herein, we found the library with answers to many of our questions. Finally, we have some of the clues we need to defeat the evil that is Karzoug! This library is a wondrous thing! I could stay here for days, studying, reading and learning the history of this place! A delight to all of my studies! Soon, we will have all that we need to bring Karzoug to heel! Soon, we can escape this place. On to the Halls of Wrath.


richarddonaldson SinisterIII

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