Dragon Age: Rise of the Runelords

Snow blind Horror (Bral)

The lower levels of the miners’ hall were unholy – evil seeped into the trees of the earth and the metal shaped by the miner’s hands. The upper levels were worse; surviving the hunger that seemed to infest those who tarry too long and the visions of those that did not resist the insatiable hunger of this place, we found the restless shade of the former proprietor. He told us of how they came upon xin-shalast and of how it lead to their doom. He now seek only to rest but cannot do so with his brother’s spirit still lost.

High in the mountains above we sought this lost soul and found him easily enough, but that was not the trouble. Upon returning to the outpost and terrible storm broke out; things moved out in the blinding white, horrible things. Then they came inside. It took Iyan first, straight up into the icy cold. We tried bringing the fight to it, but that thing seemed more interested in spreading terror than death, at least not a clean death. As quickly as it came it was gone. The ghosts seemed settled too, passing on their final secret and faded away. Now we have a path before us, and the angry dead behind us. May the gods have mercy….


richarddonaldson rapieranddagger

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