Duncan is the leader of the small contingent of Grey Wardens in Fereldan


Duncan is burdened heavily with nothing less than the fate of all of Fereldan. His charge is both as sentinel guarding the land against the ever-looming threat of the darkspawn and as leader of the remnants of the Grey Wardens.

He holds himself true to the motto of the Wardens “In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.” There is no room for compromise or hesitation, the risks are too great.

Despite the official banishment of the order in Fereldan, King Cailan understands and appreciates the mission and vigil of the Grey Wardens. The freeholds may no longer hold to the oaths of alliance, but the king has allowed Duncan passage in Fereldan and leave to recruit.

The many years of peace from the darkspawn have turned the threat into legend and then into myth. Recruitment only seems possible now through exchange and favor of the freeholds. Arls and Teryns have allowed commuting sentences of criminals in exchange for the risks of the joining. Free men are permitted to join as well, although few would do so willingly. It seems shame and indemnity have replaced honor and sacrifice.

The Grey Wardens have thus become a refuge for society’s unwanted in one way or another. Duncan still gladly takes what he can, for he feels the pull of the taint in his blood and its dire portent. Perhaps it is fate that the blight return only when we are at our weakest. And the fate of so many may rest upon those cast out by the world they would seek to protect.

It is his duty, regardless, and with grim determination he sets forth to see it done.


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