Titus Scarnetti


Titus Scarnetti is everything a noble should be – to his way of thinking at least. His regal bearing and natural elegance, thanks to some elvish blood, make him appear as a natural leader but his disregard for anyone of a lower social rank quickly inspire more spite then loyalty.

He is always impeccably dressed and it cannot be argued that his manors and etiquette are anything less then perfect, although his adherence to propriety does border on obsessive.

Although rarely seen in town – he does stop off to the theater once a month and never misses a city council meeting. He also has regular guest from several of the regional cities, although never from Janderhoff.


The Scarnetti Manor is the home of one of Sandpoint’s founding families. The Scarnetti family, led by Titus Scarnetti, controls most part of Sandpoint’s lumber industry as well as Sandpoint’s mills, both the lumber and grain mills.

Historically there were several independent mills and the Scarnetti only controlled the largest of the mills as well as owning many farms and most of the lumber camps but a series of fires in the last few years have placed them in a monopoly. The Scarnetti claim to have nothing to do with these “tragedies” and have even offered to help with the reconstruction of new mills, if anyone were to attempt to build them.

This had lead to a political shift of power in the town; it is not lost on the Valdemars that only source of lumber is now the Scarnetti mill. Still smarting at his defeat in the mayoral election 4 years ago, Titus has been been pushing his weight around the council chamber more of late.

Titus Scarnetti

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