Zai (Zaialenda)


Zaialenda (who prefers Zai), is a Half-Elf Varisian who took well to her people’s traveling (and some might add “thieving”) ways.


When, nine months after they had stopped at Arsmeril to trade, Aylmora gave birth to a Half-Elf child, her Varisian family did not bat an eye. They named the child Zaialenda, and she was family.

Very early, Zai’s (she refused to respond to Zaialenda) cousins took note of the natural grace that seemed to come with her dusky skin, dark auburn hair, and exotic amber eyes. Immediately they began grooming her to help them in their schemes. They taught her all they knew – dancing, pick-pocketing, confidence games. By the age of twelve, she could lighten the pocket of any of them without attracting notice and her dancing could draw a crowd in any town.

Despite the protection of being part of a Varisian family with Sczarni ties, Zai could not ignore the whispers and the looks of the humans or elves she met on her travels. It pained her when her family would bypass smaller villages that would normally welcome their kind for fear that her slightly pointed ears and strange eyes would cause trouble.

It was not in her to hide. She underwent the ritual tattooing of her people. Crashing waves and leaves and branches that represent the forest and ocean-side homes of her elven ancestors meet and intertwine with abstract swirls that represent the scarves and winding roads of her Varisian family. Intermingled with all of these are symbols of her deity, Desna, and symbols reminiscent of the belled jewelry she wears to dance.

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Zai (Zaialenda)

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