Dragon Age: Rise of the Runelords

Night of the Scarecrows (Beldal)


I cannae say I see the point in all of this writing down what happened. This would make a far better song, but blast it! I will do as ye say. After returning from the goblin fortress of Thistletop, me Grey Warden brothers and the ranger Garrett found ourselves in a meetin with the Sandpoint Council. We told them of our harrowing adventure in the goblin enclave and of the horrors that we bravely faced! There was treasure which would be useful to rebuilding this city’s losses protected by a great crab creature! Aye, that would be a mighty meal with great torrents of butter and ale! But, that is a tale for another day!

There was a great….evil at work deep in the core of that foul place. (smudge on the paper as if someone spat on it) It was beyond anything we have ever felt. It was a being of foul presence and beyond our ken. We report this now to the Grey Wardens as a taint which must be purged for the betterment of these good people. Most of the council were powdered poofs and useless in battle. The sheriff and the dagger eared ranger might be useful in a fight, but the rest of them are good for yapping jaws. Titus Scaarentti is somewhat foul, but could just be that his cushion was a little lumpy. Gonna keep me eye on that one.

Following the meeting we met up with the stalwart dwarf, Samdar, in the service of The Great Smith, Torag! Samdar is a mighty warrior and once I convinced him of the divine nature of ale, he was happy to join us in dinner with Lord Foxglove. There was much drinking and song! The pale-skin couldn’t hold his sprits and had to get himself home. We met up with the gypsy lass, Zai, and she has come to us as an emissary of the Wardens. She could hold her liquor, so she is in the favor of the Brewmaster! Samdar was overcome by the holy word of the Brewmaster, and we had to take him to his bed. The Smith is a mighty warrior, but the pull of fine ale lays him low! On the way, some gypsy scum thought it would be best to rob us of our hard won gold. They were no match for us even after several hours of anointing by the Brewmaster! Samdar proved himself by sending one of the poor lads right to sleep with a single mighty charge! Back at the White Deer, it has come to our attention that a few small items have gone missing. Aye. Some small thief is at work.

We got another fine meal from that sweet lass, Kaijitsu and the half man had to be paid to give back her family ring. That was a dirty bit of business, but each of us has our own ways of dealing with the ravages of the taint. It surely has affected us all. Barely back from our dinner, we find that there the miller and his lass have been murdered. There are signs of the demonic taint at work here. The seven pointed star with runes different from what we have seen previously. I sketched some out for you. The bodies were torn to pieces and defouled. There was a note linking the half man, Iyan to the murders. This is obviously some foul, demon spawn trick. Iyan communes with other worldly beasts, but he is not of the taint! I would stake me life on it!

Investigating that, we discover that there is a madman who is the lone survivor of another attack in a barn. We went to go investigate the barn. Same foul murder scene and carvings on the bodies. The madman complained of “Mumbles the Scarecrow.” When we reached him, the madman was in the throes of the “Ghoul Rot.” He was taken to father Zantus. The madman also spoke of the half man being part of some bigger plan from “His Lordship!” We know not who that may be…..yet. And yet, the wee dagger the half man took from the demon priestess as found there. Tis some foul trick I tell ye. Mark me word!

We got word of some ruckus at Hambly Farm. We set out to investigate during the day. We have found several “scarecrows.” Some of them are foul creatures of undead fury, screeching in the night as they attack us for our warm blood. Nay! We fought them with blades, bolt, and faith! But there were more screams of the foul creatures throughout the cornfields. There are others present, who are tied in place. They are not of the dead yet, but they may be changing. We freed the ones we could, but we pressed on to find the heart of this evil. This taint must be driven from these good people!

Continuing to Hambly farm, we found a larger nest of the foul creatures. These monsters freeze a good dwarf in his tracks with a touch! Evil beasts! Even the half-man’s spirit cat was laid low! Don’t let the creatures touch ye with their claws or with their foul, cesspool mouths! With the power of the Brewmaster and the strong arm of the Smith’s servant, we carry on! Garrett and I set up a barricade as we prepare for their next assault. Aye, they will rue the day they came afoul of the Grey Wardens! But if ye find this message and we be absent, find us and free our souls or ye be damned as a coward by the Brewmaster and all ye ale turn to vinegar!


richarddonaldson SinisterIII

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