Dragon Age: Rise of the Runelords

The Plague of Falcon's Hollow - Part I (Beldal)

Get down with the sickness

The Plague of Falcon’s Hollow (Part I)

Following our initiation into the brotherhood, Tamril is leading our band on our first mission. We have begun our mission by travelling to a local village led by a halfling mayor, Famrosh. It was an unpleasant journey through poor weather. Along the way, Iyan stopped to show us his “pet.” I am not sure where he calls that “thing” from, but it had no sense of the Darkspawn. Cayden didn’t speak ill of it, so I thought it best to let it be. Bral seemed a bit uncertain, but I would be more worried if it was something he liked off-hand.

The village is filled with people affected by some mysterious sickness. I tried to offer my aid to the local herbalist, but she turned me aside. We traced the sickness back to a single man trapped in a shack. Here, the sense of the spawn was stronger. We put the poor soul out of his misery with the help of Deldren, the half-elf sheriff of this gods-forsaken village. If this village is suffering from a spawn induced plague, it was our duty to save them!

We returned to the herbalist, Laurel, and with Tamril in tow, she seemed a bit more willing to help us. She told us of the herbs she needed, Elderwood moss, pickled Rat’s Tail, and Ironbloom mushrooms. We were directed to a woodsman named Mylin. At the logging camp, we met with some resistance. Iyan “coerced” the leader to help us. That little one is craftier than he appears. Aye! A dagger to the privates will make a man talk it will! Mylin showed us where we needed to go and we headed out immediately.

Our march was long but we made good time. We came across a fox stuck in a trap. Imprisonment is against the will of Cayden. Bending to set the poor creature free, I was ambushed by the accursed hobgoblin hunter behind me! Cowardly beasts! By the grace of the Brewmaster, his crappy gobbo bolt couldn’t pierce MY mail. HA! Petunia made short work of the beast! It was a mighty showing! I healed the wee fox and we continued on. In gratitude, the wee fox creature remained with us.

At the center of the forest we came across a great grandfather tree. The thing must have been 150’ tall! It was grand! At the great tree, we encountered a wee dragonling! It enwrapped me in its coils, but I struck it a mighty blow with my morningstar and quieted the beasts as I fended off its snapping jaws. Well, Petunia helped. Among the loot we found 8 days of rations, 9 gp and 12 sp. There were two medium crossbows which we left behind. We brought the nice shortbow and signet ring “flaming hands” with us. We gathered the moss and moved on to the witch’s hut. Wary of a trap, we were on our guard. Inside, the place seemed to be deserted, filled with odd herbs and containers. When I found the Rat’s Tail, the accursed cauldron came to life and attacked! We gave it mighty combat, but it managed to swallow wee Iyan whole! Enraged by the loss of its master, Petunia became a beast enraged! I banged at the cauldron with my morning star and it ceased moving. Bral managed to find a number of small figurines we decided to take with us. (b/t 20-40 gp value)We fled that cursed as soon as we had what we came for. The fox continued to join us, and I take this as a sign of Cayden’s blessing!

At the abandoned dwarven monastery, we found more evidence of plagued orcs. Bral and I gave them mighty blows, while Petunia clawed at them! The battle was won, but the orcs were slow and plagued. Not a great victory. In the struggle, Bral was wounded badly, but I called upon Cayden and his wounds were healed. Praise be to the Brewmaster! Among their items we found a week’s rations, silk rope, thieves tools, an odd potion, and approximately 42 gp. The tools and rope go to Bral. There is a desecrated shrine to the paragon, Torag in the monastery. Among the library items, I found a book with some hymns to Torag worth 100-300 gp to the right buyer! There was a scroll of spiritual weapon inside the book. We continue to explore the monastery


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