Samdar Anvilson


Male Dwarf Paladin (Oath against Fiends)


A Badger Scout is “Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Fearless, Courteous, Crafty, Obedient, Prepared, Thrifty, Brave, Cleanish, and Reverent.”

It didn’t need to be said but “Willing to chop Goblins into kindling” is sort of just assumed to be in there even though it’s not technically part of the oath.

Nonetheless these are the words that guided Samdar Anvilson through his youth, the loss of his brother, the Red Toadstool fever, the harrowing training through the Weasel Scouts, the intense compitition to be selected for the Junior Badger Scouts, and finally his selection to the elite few. Flying Badger Scout.

So when the local Troop Leader dissappeared in the same town that had claimed the life of his brother so many years ago, there was only one thing to do: Pack his bag, hone his axe, pray for guidance, and go clean some house.

And yes… to a Badger scout thos are all one thing… BADGERING TIME.

Samdar Anvilson

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